At Manforce, we believe in the importance of practicing social responsibility, regardless of whether the project is large or small, which is why we support a number of large and small local clubs and organisations.
We are therefore very proud to support the following:


The work of Danish Hospital Clowns is to make a child’s stay in hospital feel safer, as so much is new and strange. They will take the child by the hand when a little distraction is needed, or when the child needs a little help handling a particular situation – such as an examination or treatment.


The Terndrup IF Sports Club started in 1946. The club is for girls and boys, as well as women and men of all ages and its aim is to provide football training and the chance to get together with and compete against other clubs. In addition to football, the club also offers all the social aspects that being a part of a community offers, and with it, the chance to make new friends..


Founded in 1954, Gug Boldklub is truly a football club for everyone. Every member of the club is welcome to play football and train to be better. The club’s men’s senior first eleven are currently playing in the 1st division, but there are several other teams for men at lower levels. The club is also represented at different levels by the women, girl’s and boy’s teams at all ages. The aim of the club is to foster a spirit of comradeship and create a good environment for children and adults in the broadest possible sense through the game of football and normal social interaction.


AaB is the flagship of the whole of northern Jutland and has been in existence since 1885. So, it is a club with many proud traditions that, at one time, also included other sports such as cricket, handball, and ice hockey in its programme. AaB has won the Danish national championship in all four sports at various times, most recently in the historic 2014 – 2015 season, where the team won both the Danish national championship and the DBU (Danish Football Union) trophy in football. AaB is a northern Jutland club with its feet firmly planted on the ground – the soil of northern Jutland, and we, as fans and a sponsor, are proud to be able to support  ”De Rø’e”.  AaB’s mission is, via football, to entertain and create enjoyable experiences from a sound and sustainable financial base. The vision is to be a gathering point for the whole of northern Jutland, while remaining one of the top clubs in Danish football – both on and off the pitch.



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